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The Dandy Dogwalker, Hadley Raysor

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Alameda DandyDOg pack walks : for all creatures, great & small

{ $35 per walk / 1.5+ regulated hours / minimum 3 walks per week required }

Space with Hadley in Alameda is EXTREMELY limited!!!

Please submit your request; depending on space and availability, you may be placed on a wait list.


Shadow, Indi, Arrow, Cleo, Fredo, Archie, and Luna   (Alameda, CA | DEC 2018)

Shadow, Indi, Arrow, Cleo, Fredo, Archie, and Luna

(Alameda, CA | DEC 2018)

Did your doggie get kicked out of daycare for being too nervous around other dogs?  Or, maybe you have a nervous babe who is a wallflower (at best) at the dog park? Maybe even, your dog is a brash bristly awkwardly over-confident weirdo, who just doesn't know how to socialize with other dogs. Or, perhaps your dog babe is a "skittish-around-most-things" agoraphobe nerd, who doesn't want to leave the house and go out into their urban environment?

Even if your dog screams when they see a bigger dog across the street: structured pack walks are a healing gift for both your dog companion and for you.

Outdoor walks are incredibly important for your fido fiend. Dandy Dogwalker's structured pack walk service has been created in direct partnership with Elijah of The Working Walk; our program provides 1.5 to 2 hours of real-world exposure, experience, and confidence-building for your creature companion. Additionally, we go to a different location for a different kind of challenge each day, to make sure your dog really learns how to remain calm and deferential no matter what stimuli are happening around them.

Hadley uses a combination of tools and techniques, pulled from their background experiences with positive-reinforcement as well as with balanced dog training. Hadley calls this method "integrative dog rehabilitation," and has been working with dogs almost daily for the past seven years. On structured pack walks, Hadley is able to open lines of communication, establish solid and consistent boundaries, create strong trust bonds, and generate loving accountability with and for the dogs they have the honor and pleasure of working with.

Structured Pack Walks with experienced handlers build confidence and provide time for your dog to be out in the real world in a controlled environment with other dogs. #DogGroupTherapyHour

Give your dog - and yourself - the gift of weekly structured pack walks with Hadley today.

What is YOUR NAME? *
What is YOUR NAME?
examples: "My dog Sparky barks at everything and tries to lunge at other dogs on leash," or, "Fluffy doesn't want to leave a soft blanket and I think some time outside walking with other dogs would be good for him."
George, Indi, Wrigley, Roosevelt, Archie, Arrow, and Riley   (Alameda, CA | FEB 2018)

George, Indi, Wrigley, Roosevelt, Archie, Arrow, and Riley

(Alameda, CA | FEB 2018)

Gracie, Tiny, Arrow, Riley, Wrigley, Archie, Fredo, Luna, Indi, George, and Hadley   (Alameda, CA | MAY 2018)

Gracie, Tiny, Arrow, Riley, Wrigley, Archie, Fredo, Luna, Indi, George, and Hadley

(Alameda, CA | MAY 2018)


Meet your walker : HADLEY RAYSOR

photo by     Oshin Worthington    , an incredible naturopathic doctor in Portland, OR

photo by Oshin Worthington, an incredible naturopathic doctor in Portland, OR

HADLEY RAYSOR grew up with dogs (a boxer and a miniature schnauzer), began walking dogs in 2010, and founded The Dandy Dogwalker, a small bicoastal award-winning company, in 2014. Hadley has been working with nervous dogs in urban environments almost daily for the past seven years. From December 2015 through February 2017, Hadley was under the mentorship of balanced dog trainer Elijah Weiss of The Working Walk, where Hadley gained extensive real-world experience walking packs of reactive and aggressive dogs in and around the East Bay.

From Brooklyn to The Bay, Hadley has helped countless dogs integrate into a more relaxed and well-rounded lifestyle; Hadley's beyond excited to put their new knowledge about dog behavior and tools/techniques to work on The Island.


Hadley was born-and-raised in NH; they received a B.A. in History (with a minor in Italian Language and Culture) from Wellesley College in 2006; Hadley co-founded a nonprofit collective in the gender justice movement from 2006-2010, and spoke on numerous panels + hosted numerous events + facilitated numerous workshops + organized countless consultations + was interviewed for multiple articles including for the Boston Globe and The New York Times (and, most recently, for them, a new Conde Nast publication, about being a nonbinary transexual student at an intentional single-sex college); and, from 2008 until present-day, Hadley has worked with sick and/or disabled friends to create collective community access


Meet hadley's class: ALAMEDA's DANDY DOG PACK

…as of 9 August 2019



(a/k/a "Archibald" + "Architron" + "The Creature")

BREED: Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon

LOVES: His Back Yard; His Pack/People; Chasing Rats and Squirrels; “Find It”: The Game

HATES: Loud Bangs (he’s a pacifist gun dog); Things Dangling Off His Hair; Being Alone

CONFRONTING: Being Territorial; Socializing With Other Dogs, Especially Adolescent Males

[ Pack Member since April 2017 ]



(a/k/a "Mr. Sharpie (Marker)")

BREED: Lab/Hound Supermutt | RESCUED

LOVES: German Shepherds; Claiming Everything As His; Being a Socialite; Snacks

HATES: Dogs in His Face; Being Told Not to Colonize Alameda

CONFRONTING: Imperialism + Healthy Boundaries

[ Pack Member since May 2017 ]



(a/k/a “Times Square”)

BREED: pittie, staffie, husky, malamute supermutt

RESCUED: Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS)

IG: @cleeshpee

LOVES: Fixating on Anything, Really; Getting Worked Really Hard; Snacks

HATES: Dogs In Her Face; Unpredictable Movement; Not Getting Attention All Of The Time

CONFRONTING: Not Biting Other Dogs if They Move in a Way She Doesn’t Expect; Not Fixating on “Prey” (nobody’s eating that gross squirrel)

[ Pack Member since October 2018 ]



(a/k/a “Floydlet”)

BREED: yorkie minpin supermutt

LOVES: Snacks; Slapping; Luna

HATES: Sitting and Staying

CONFRONTING: Dog Reactivity (screaming isn’t helping anyone, Floyd)

[ Pack Member since June 2019 ]



(a/k/a “Hanky Panky” or “Hankster”)

BREED: Basenji Supermutt

LOVES: Treats With Texture; Other Dogs, and Wanting to Play With Them All; The Great Outdoors

HATES: Tuning In Because It’s So Hard When There’s So Much Else That’s Cool OMFG

CONFRONTING: Impulse Control (there’s no need to pull and bolt around, buddy)

[ Pack Member since May 2019 ]



(a/k/a “Haizie”)

BREED: goldendoodle

LOVES: Maizie; Rolling onto her back, in order to show you her belly

HATES: Dogs with bad boundaries

[ Pack Member since April 2019 ]



(a/k/a "The Nerdlet”)

BREED: Formosan Mountain Dog | RESCUED

AGE: 2 years

LOVES: familiarity, people she trusts, dogs she trusts, a slow burn, being goth, food and snacks, giving uncontrollable kisses that make you squeal

HATES: dogs she does not know, people she does not know, anything loud or unexpected, ch-ch-ch-ch-changessss

[ Pack Member since October 2017 ]



(a/k/a “Lo” or “LoLo” or “Mx. Buttons”)

BREED: Pit Supermix | 12 years

LOVES: Treats, Sunshine, Routine, Marking Things as Hers; Young Bucks; Being Active; Radically Fit Gym

HATES: When her Boundaries Aren’t Being Respected; When She’s Not Eating Snacks

CONFRONTING: Her Own Internalized Ableism



(a/k/a "Wrecking Ball” or “Starfish” or “LunaBuna”)

BREED: Staffy/Husky/Lab/etc. | RESCUED via Berkeley Humane

IG: @itslunabuna

AGE: 1 year 2 months

LOVES: other dogs more than anything, snacks, other people, being a goofball, Planet Luna

HATES: not being able to attach herself to another dog’s face like a starfish; other dogs from a distance, whilst on a pack walk, because she’s so helpful and protective

[ Pack Member since May 2018 ]



(a/k/a “Maizel”)

BREED: Goldendoodle

LOVES: Hazel; Treats; Smashing into car crevices

HATES: Dogs who don’t respect her space, especially when she’s trying to smash into a car crevice

[ Pack Member since January 2019 ]



(a/k/a “Mister Freaky”)

BREED: Pit Catahoula Supermutt

LOVES: Snacks; His Cat Friend, Mango; His Humans and Packmates; Familiarity, Comfort and Routine

HATES: The World. It’s So Scary. Especially Strangers, They’re SO Scary.

CONFRONTING: Building Confidence and Controlling Impulses (supporting reprogramming him to help him understand that he’s safe in stressful situations, like being outside)

[ Pack Member since April 2019 ]



(a/k/a "Mister Wonderful" + "Mister Handsome")

BREED: Fluffy German Shepherd

LOVES: His People + Pack; Snacks; Playing Fetch Literally Forever with a Sports Ball

HATES: Not Playing Sports Ball; Dogs in His Face; Dogs in his Space

CHALLENGES: Dog Reactivity While On Leash (when you bark and lunge, dude, you’re big and it freaks people out omg no way to make a friend)

[ Pack Member since April 2017 ]



(a/k/a “Mister Floofy” or “Shads”)

BREED: Alaskan Malamute, Husky, Lab, Pyranees Supermutt

LOVES: People; Air-Swimming; Other Dogs; Being Cute and Large and Fluffy

HATES: Waiting Patiently For Treats

CONFRONTING: Being So Very Exuberant (when you’re a big boy, you can take someone or something out, sweetheart); Having and Respecting Healthy Boundaries

[ Pack Member since November 2018 ]

alameda dandy dog pack alums



(a/k/a “AuggieTheDoggie” + “Auggs”)

Lab Mix | Rescue Dog

[ September 2018 - November 2018 ]



(a/k/a "Copilot")

Shepherd/Chow/Pit/Mix Mashup | Rescue Dog

[ Pack Member March 2018 - January 2019 ]



(a/k/a “Mr. Ears”)

German Shepherd Mix | Rescue Dog

[ Pack Member May 2017 - September 2018 ]



(a/k/a "GraceFaceShowPony" + "Gracie Face")

Senior Labradoodle Goddess | Rescue Dog

[ Dandy Dog Pack Member March 2018 - December 2018 ]

[ The Working Walk Pack Member 2007ish ]



(a/k/a "Tiny" + "Tiny Tippy Tees" + “Tiny Tippy Tapper” + "Caboose")

BREED: Teacup Chihuahua

LOVES: Sunshine; A Yard; Going on Pack Walks; Snuggling Fat Femmes

HATES: Overstimulation; Fireworks; Leafy Greens; Being Cold

CHALLENGES: Not Being Stubborn; Impulse Control; Not Being So Darn Cute Always

[ East Bay Pack Member 2016-2019 ]



Yellow Lab Mix | Rescue Dog

[ Pack Member November 2017 - July 2018 ]



(a/k/a “Roosie”)

Italian Water Dog

[ Pack Member July 2017 - May 2018 ]



(a/k/a "Wriggles" or “Mini Monster”)

Chihuahua Mix | Rescue Dog

[ Pack Member April 2017-2019 ]

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