Structured Pack walks in the mission

with danielle jackson

structured PACK WALKS : with Danielle (Mission district, sf)

[ Starting @ $35 / 1.5+ hours / minimum 3 walks per week, on M/W/F ]

TINY + ED + MUFFIN + HENDERSON   (Heron’s Head Park, SF, CA | 2018)


(Heron’s Head Park, SF, CA | 2018)

The Dandy Dogwalker's structured pack walks for dogs in The Mission District of San Francisco service has been created in direct partnership with Elijah of The Working Walk, and provides 1.5-2 hours of real-world exposure, confidence-building and rehabilitation for your dog. We use a multitude of training tools and techniques to open lines of communication, to establish solid and consistent boundaries, to create strong trust bonds, and to generate accountability with and for the dogs we have the pleasure of working with.

Pack walks can build confidence and provide time for your dog to be out in the real world in a controlled environment with other dogs, and with an experienced handler. It's important for your pup to learn and to know how to sniff around, how to meet and greet other dogs and new humans, and how to be encouraged to move through their urban worlds calmly, happily and deferentially.

Consistent boundaries and calm, communicative control are key to building trust; you and your dog dog will have a primary walker, Danielle, as well as access to the Dandy Dogwalker extended community for extenuating circumstances.

Give the gift of structured pack walks for your mini in The Mission* to your dog (and to yourself!) today!

*We are currently only offering structured pack walks for SF dogs in/around The Mission District.*

It takes a very calm, kind, special person to help energetic, independent breeds to get the most out of their walks, and Danielle has been doing this with Ed for nearly two years. We see the impact of her work to help him focus every time we take him for a walk and only wish other rescues had the great luck to have someone like Danielle in their lives!
— DOUG in San Francisco, CA
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What is YOUR NAME?
examples: 123 Valencia // intersection of 20th & Capp
example: "I work from home," or "I leave the house by 7:00am every morning and am not home until 6:00pm."
examples: "My dog Sparky barks at everything and tries to lunge at other dogs on leash," or, "Fluffy doesn't want to leave a soft blanket and I think some time outside walking with other dogs would be good for him."
CHEECH + MUFFIN + TINY + BERNIE + ED + HENDERSON   (San Francisco , CA | 2019)


(San Francisco , CA | 2019)


Meet your walker : danielle jackson

ZERO + TINY + DANIELLE  (San Francisco, CA | 2016)

ZERO + TINY + DANIELLE (San Francisco, CA | 2016)

Danielle is the proud primary human to a 4lb teacup chihuahua wonder named Greta Tiny Dancer (a/k/a "Tiny"), and the previous proud primary human to her beloved 90lb rottie mix named Suki (1996-2009). Danielle has been working with dogs of all sizes since she was a teenager, most recently working with Greta Tiny Dancer (who was found at 16th at Potrero at around 1 year old and 2-3 pounds) to integrate Tiny into a bustling city life that previously made her reactive and sometimes aggressive. Presently, Danielle is a worker-owner at The Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco; in the past, Danielle was a community/party organizer and DJ in the SF Bay Area for over a decade, as well as a hair stylist and popular jewelry designer. Danielle is SF/Bay Area born-and-raised.


[ as of 9 February 2019 ]



BREED: Shih Tzu / Pekingese / etc. | RESCUED

IG: @bernie_bear_pup

LOVES: sleeping, sniffing, lallygagging

HATES: skateboards



BREED: Chihuahua / Miniature Pincher / etc. | RESCUED (Brooklyn, NY)

LOVES: barking a lot, snacks, cuddling with very specific people, rolling in gross things on the beach

HATES: sudden loud noises, new people, unpredictable movements and sounds in general



BREED: Rat Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier | RESCUED

AGE: 10 years

LOVES: screaming, earthworms, sweaters

HATES: eye contact with other dogs, cats



BREED: Teacup Chihuahua | RESCUED, Grateful Dogs Rescue (SF, CA)

AGE: 7 years

LOVES: snoozing in soft blankets, being warm, carrots, sweet potato fries, sunbathing

HATES: clouds, cold, rain, anyone getting too close for comfort, unnecessary socializing



BREED: Silky Terrier / Yorkie / Chinese Crested / etc. | RESCUED

IG: @henderpy

LOVES: snacks, snoozing, snuggling

HATES: capitalism, big dogs, other dogs in general really, toxic masculinity



BREED: wicked cute dude with awesome ears / etc. | RESCUED after being ditched out of a car during a couple’s breakup, that Muffin’s new human happened to witness

IG: @muffininmotion

LOVES: new friends, snacks, snuggles, sun spots

HATES: tennis, skateboards, being cold

Sanchez Sans Party Hat.jpeg



BREED: Schnoodle (Schnauzer + Poodle) | RESCUED Tijuana Street Dog

LOVES: people, exploring her world, being smart, yelling and lunging at other dogs

HATES: other dogs she doesn’t know

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