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Pixel | Brooklyn Heights, NYC |  (photo by Hadley)

Pixel | Brooklyn Heights, NYC | (photo by Hadley)

It is not an overstatement to say that Hadley and Dandy Dogwalker changed our life while we lived in Brooklyn. It sounds dramatic, but we went from pretty much loathing our daily existence to loving it because of Hadley's special talent with our little rescue, Pixel. Pixel (a chi-mix from sunny CA) had never been great with other dogs or new people and was having a hard time adjusting to life in the big city, what with real winter, crowds of people, and an aggressively noisy doggie daycare situation, all of which left her frazzled and freaked out.Enter Hadley, who lovingly, patiently brought Pixel around to thriving in pack walks and overall becoming more trusting with new dogs and people. (Pixel even was able to nurture a little crush on a Basenji mix, apparently.) Hadley recognized Pixel's unique situation and even took her for solo morning walks that Pixel absolutely loved and needed and sometimes brought Pixel along for the full day to spend more quality time together. Hadley was always reliable and communicative, and we looked forward to coming home to clever, informative notes about Pixel's day. And then there are the Instagram pix.Hadley somehow makes you and your doggie feel like a celebrity every single day. I would like to express huge thanks and admiration to Hadley and The Dandy Dogwalker crew. Our little family continues to be in awe of Hadley's skill, artistry, and business acumen and we look forward to the day we all live in the same city again!   --Tosca / Pixel (chihuahua mix rescue) 

Pumpkin | San Francisco, California  (photo by Hadley)

Pumpkin | San Francisco, California (photo by Hadley)

Hadley takes exceptional care of our extra-floofy baby dog when we are away, making sure she gets ample amounts of lovey-doveyness and exercise, taking her for walking tours of the entire city. Another benefit is that by being part of the DDW walking pack during the days, she gets extra socialization and has definitely become less of a scaredy-dog and is more confident around other dogs that get up in her business on the street. I have total peace of mind when I leave Pumpkin in Hadley's capable hands - I know I am leaving her with a consummate professional who is completely trustworthy and of the utmost integrity. There's a big difference between someone who's like "Yeah, I'll walk your dog" and someone who approaches their care of animals as a discipline and craft - Hadley is the latter.

-- Laetitia | Pumpkin (spaniel mix)

Maggie | Gowanus, Brooklyn |  (photo by Hadley)

Maggie | Gowanus, Brooklyn | (photo by Hadley)

Hadley is one of the most caring compassionate people on the planet. They have a strong and beautiful bond with my dog Maggie… they have been walking together for a few years, butpretty soon after they started I noticed a marked change in my dog's anxiety level - it was way lower, she's better - now almost perfect leash walker. Hadley and I made a game plan for behavior I wanted to reinforce and discourage on walks and they stuck to it! They're extremely responsible, responsive… walking dogs is actually a very hard job - it requires a great communication and organizational skills - having used other walkers and services - there is a huge difference. When Hadley does travel - they give ample warning and substitutes with the same person… I don't have 20 different people handling my dog and entering my home… it's Hadley and the wonderful Zachary - who is the king of dog selfies! My life with Maggie works because Hadley is in it… run don't walk to The Dandy Dogwalker!   --Mary S | Maggie (senior chocolate lab mix rescue) 

Royce | Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn |  (photo by Hadley)

Royce | Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn | (photo by Hadley)

Hadley has been caring for our very old dog for three years now and continues to go above and beyond our expectations. Our dog is not only old but has a very specific temperament to say the least and Hadley has been nothing but patient, gentle, loving and attentive with him. I have honestly never felt more at ease and trusting of anyone when it comes to our dog. We are so incredibly lucky to have Hadley!   --Arielle A | Royce (senior Shiba Inu mix) 

Bowie | Gowanus, Brooklyn |  (photo by Hadley)

Bowie | Gowanus, Brooklyn | (photo by Hadley)

Every day we consider ourselves lucky to have found Hadley, randomly, during the somewhat hectic process of adopting our rescue dog, Bowie. Hadley has walked our furry, four-legged diva-of-a-daughter for almost two years now, and is the only person - other than our own parents - whom we trust to watch her when we go out of town. Hadley's got a great attitude, an even better sense of humor, and an uncanny ability to remind us daily that, while on her afternooon walk, our pup is being spoiled with love, adoration, and the occasional treat or two. The only downside to hiring Hadley? Your dogs may not be QUITE as excited to see you at the end of the day, given that they've already hung out with Hadley and, well, you just might not be able to compete.   --Phoebe | Bowie (lab mix rescue) 

Hadley has been our dog walker for close to 2 years now and honestly, we don't know what we'd do without the peace of mind—not to mention how our dog, Bowie, would cope! Hadley genuinely loves our dog, which shines through in the care and attention she gets showered with every day. Hadley is always punctual, and keeps you updated without fail. Even better, Hadley sends you cute pics of your dogs on their walks! We trust Hadley implicitly – even as a house sitter – due to having always been nothing but responsible, considerate and reliable. Did I mention Hadley's an incredibly nice, awesome person, too? It’s true. I cannot recommend Hadley enough and – quite frankly – we feel lucky to have Hadley in our life.   --Luke | Bowie (lab mix rescue) 

Chelsea + Clever | Cobble Hill, Brooklyn |  (photo by Hadley)

Chelsea + Clever | Cobble Hill, Brooklyn | (photo by Hadley)

When we moved to Brooklyn, we were very sad to leave our dog walker in Manhattan. Hadley does a great job with both our crazy labs. Because they are rescues, we don't know their birth dates. We made up some dates, because Hadley wanted to make sure they were treated special on that day. I am not sure how much more special Hadley can treat them though, they get so excited when Hadley comes!! We love Hadley and could not imagine having anyone else walk our dogs.   --Michelle | Clever (golden retriever-lab mix) and Chelsea (dalmatian-lab mix) rescues 

Phred | Sunset Park, Brooklyn |  (photo by Hadley)

Phred | Sunset Park, Brooklyn | (photo by Hadley)

Hadley is the only person I trust with my dogs and cats! Hadley stayed with them while I was away on vacation and they absolutely love Hadley!!! I was so worried about leaving them for the first time and Hadley sent me photos, videos and updates every day. Hadley was so attentive and caring I think they missed Hadley when I returned. Over the past several months, Hadley has also walked my dogs and they always love seeing Hadley - who has a true gift with animals.Hadley is trustworthy, dependable and a great communicator(which is particularly important for those like myself who are over-protective worriers!)   --Martha | Max (chihuahua mix), Sadie (chihuahua mix puppy), Phred (Sphinx cat), Rubi (Sphinx kitten) 

Elvis | Cobble Hill, Brooklyn |  (photo by Hadley)

Elvis | Cobble Hill, Brooklyn | (photo by Hadley)

Hadley walked our dog Elvis for about a year and a half now and we can't recommend Hadley enough. Hadley is organized and responsible and is always happy to accommodate schedule changes and other needs, and has been great with Elvis's sometimes immature puppy ways! Elvis is always so excited for his walks and Hadley keeps us updated on all of their fun adventures with texts, photos, emails and cards. It is obvious that Hadley loves Elvis and the rest of their dog friends. Elvis is so lucky to have Hadley as part of his family and we are too!   --Jesse | Elvis (Havanese) 

Diego | Cobble Hill, Brooklyn |  (photo by Hadley)

Diego | Cobble Hill, Brooklyn | (photo by Hadley)

Hadley has been walking our dog Diego for more than two years now, and has taken such good care of him that we are just spoiled. Diego has numerous health problems and we are in constant communication with Hadley about his well being, what care needs to be given on what walk, and what medications or treats. Hadley genuinely cares about Diego and is always quick to respond to us, as well as to let us know how things are going. We receive pictures and updates from his walks, and Hadley even goes as far as to make sure Diego walks with his best friend Elvis if he is feeling well, and gets a solo walk if he is not. We couldn't be more pleased with the love and care Hadley has given to our dog Diego and couldn't wish for a better person to look after him.   --Diana | Diego (senior Cavalier King Charles Spaniel rescue) 

LEANNA CLICK | Crown Heights, brooklyn | pack leader

Herman | Park Slope, Brooklyn |  (photo by LeAnna)

Herman | Park Slope, Brooklyn | (photo by LeAnna)

LeAnna is AMAZING! She has walked Herman for four years and I believe Herm and I are spoiled. She comes between the agreed upon time range and walks Herm for the full 30 minutes (sadly, not all do). She gives adequate advance notice if she goes on vacation or if there's a holiday and provides coverage, as needed. She's also very responsive if you have any questions. She came highly recommended by a friend and I am happy to do the same. If she has any availability in her schedule and you are in her work radius, do not hesitate to put your furry family member in her care.   --Jamie H | Herman (pitbull rescue) 

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