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• One 2-hour Session = $130*

• Three 2-hour Sessions = $350*

• Six 2-hour Sessions = $680*

*Rates listed are for in-person sessions. Prices listed do not include cost of equipment.

**SKYPE Sessions cost $90 for 1.5-2 hours

While out with their pack of eight dogs, ranging from a teacup chihuahua to a wire-haired pointing griffon, Hadley is often asked: "How do they all get along?! How are they all so calm, and so obedient?!"

Are you ready to work with your dog, to help them become calm and deferential, regardless of what's going on around you? Are you ready to work with your dog to learn how to help them socialize, how to help them let go of their separation anxiety, and how to help them hear you say "NO, stop barking and being aggro toward our guests"?

Let Hadley show you how they do what they do!

Hadley Raysor has been working with dogs - ranging from teacup chihuahuas to German Shepherds - almost daily since 2010. Hadley has been helping humans relate to their furry friends since 2014. Using their experience with positive reinforcement methods and incorporating in knowledge gained through a mentorship with balanced trainer Elijah Weiss of The Working Walk, Hadley uses an integrative rehabilitation approach to work with your dog - and, with you. Hadley is prepared to help you build structure, routine and boundaries with your canine companion; Hadley's got extensive knowledge of tools to help you communicate with your dog. 



ROOSEVELT | Alameda, CA  (Feb 2018)

ROOSEVELT | Alameda, CA (Feb 2018)

Just as you have a choice in the number of sessions you have, you have a choice in content, as each dog is coming to us from a different space in their training experience. Some are already used to equipment and tools we use, some are not. In general, our curriculum is as follows:

(1) ONE 2-hour SESSION | INTRO101 Best for folks who are real go-getters, and who are going to take the information learned and actively apply it to their day-to-day; also best for folks who are about to start pack walks with us, and want to learn more about the equipment we use for consistency on your own walks.

  • consult on your current in-home routines;
  • consult on your current walking routines and methods;
  • introduce you and your dog to a variety of tools, techniques and methods to open lines of communication to establish clear expectations, boundaries and needs/wants between you and your dog.
  • Full Disclosure: price does not include cost of any equipment you may purchase during our session.

(2) THREE 2-hour SESSIONS | INTRO101 + ANY LW/HM COURSE COMBO | Best for folks who want to work more in-depth with either leash walking or in-home manners; Great for folks whose dogs are on pack walks with us, as you'll give depth to your understanding of how to work with your nervous dog through nervous-provoking scenarios.

  • learn everything from INTRO101;
  • work more in-depth with leash walking and/or home manners skills, tools, techniques, and knowledge;
  • choose one of three combos: two Leash Walking courses (LW201 + LW202); two Home Manners courses (HM301 + HM302); one of each, Leash Walking + Home Manners (LW201 + HM301).

(3) SIX 2-hour SESSIONS | INTRO101 + LW201/LW202/LW203 + HM301/HM302/HM303Best for folks who want to work in-depth with both leash walking and in-home manners; Also fantastic for folks whose dogs are on pack walks with us, and who want to learn with great depth how to work with moving their nervous dog through urban environments.

  • learn everything from INTRO101;
  • work more in-depth with leash walking and home manners, with the following six courses:
  1. INTRO101 + LW201
  2. LW201 + LW202
  3. LW202 + HM301
  4. HM301 + HM302
  5. HM302 + HM303
  6. HM303 + FINAL


RILEY | Alameda, CA  (Feb 2018)

RILEY | Alameda, CA (Feb 2018)


  • learning with your dog which tools are best for them to hear you;
  • helping you learn how to be heard by your dog, while out on walks (and inside the house);
  • learning with your dog which tools are best for them to help slow down their nervous energy;
  • helping you learn ideas on how to take your dog on a more structured, focus one-on-one intentional walk.

LEASH WALKING: LW201 / LW202 / LW203

  • learning with your dog which tool(s) are best for them to hear you, while outdoors, and particularly in scenarios that trigger them;
  • helping show you how to help you and your dog re-ground and re-gain one anothers' focus after your dog's been triggered while out on a walk;
  • introducing you to how to take your dog on a more structured, intentional, long, tuned-in walk to build trust (and set groundwork for boundary-setting inside the home);
  • working on impulse control and focus while outdoors (e.g. getting full attention during sit-stays at the park around squirrels #FinalExams), as this sets groundwork for recall down the road;
  • talking about dog socialization, and how to introduce two dogs if you may meet one while out walking.

HOME MANNERS: HM301 / HM302 / HM303

  • learning with your dog which tool(s) are best for them to hear you while inside the house, particularly in scenarios during which they're escalated (e.g. mailperson, UPS person, dogs walking by, squirrels, etc) so you can say, "NO stop barking," and be heard;
  • learning about impulse control and focus inside the house (e.g. waiting at thresholds, like doorways), and the benefits of permission-based behavior in the beginning of the rehabilitation process;
  • confronting separation anxiety and learning tools and techniques to help your dog babe relax when you leave;
  • discussing in-home boundaries, particularly when guests/strangers are over and/or are coming over;
  • talking about house training and peeing indoors, and methods to shift this behavior.


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