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THE DANDY DOGWALKER provides premier, personal and professional care for your creature's comfort, specifically working with nervous dogs in urban environments. The Dandy Dogwalker collaborates with an array of local trainers to offer integrative rehabilitation behavior consultations for dogs and simultaneous participatory learning opportunities for their people.

The Dandy Dogwalker was selected as the recipient of the Best Businesses of Brooklyn Award in the Dog Walkers category by the Best Businesses of Brooklyn Award Program in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, for enhancing the positive image of small business through service to our customers and our community, and for helping make the Brooklyn area a great place to live, work and play.

leanna click | crown heights, brooklyn

Dandy Dogwalker Brooklyn Co-Founder + Crown heights pack leader

Business development | dog walking + pet sitting + dog boarding | Upstate New York weekend excursions 


LEANNA moved to Brooklyn over ten years ago from Tennessee. When she isn’t caring for her roster of friendly canine companions, she is spending time with her chihuahua-poodle mix, Mookie. LeAnna and Moo love weekend hiking and swimming in lakes and rives at their second home in the Catskills. LeAnna enjoys bringing her pups with her upstate, snapping pics of her furry friends on top of beautiful overlooks, swimming in serene lakes, and floating around with her in a canoe.

Aside from hanging out with her dogs, LeAnna plays in several local bands and has toured all over the contiguous United States. She has also done extensive biking trips throughout New York State.

LeAnna has been walking dogs and pet sitting creatures full-time since 2012, and has been managing The Dandy Dogwalker: Crown Heights Chapter since 2014. She loves creating a unique bond between each one of her pups, and excels at navigating their individual personalities on pack walks and behavioral issues as they arise.

You can catch LeAnna, Moo, and his miniature tennis ball at Prospect Park Off-Leash on most weekdays and weekends.

You can follow Mookie on Instagram @mookieonmymind

gabi | crown heights, brooklyn

dog walking + pet sitting


GABI grew up in New York City, and has been living in Brooklyn for almost ten years. She's an experienced pet sitter and dog boarder. As a self-proclaimed "animal enthusiast," loving dogs most of all, she is excited to meet, learn about, and take care of a whole new crop of dog friends. As a patient and intuitive caretaker, she is eager to learn the needs of each individual dog and give them the care and attention they deserve, individually, and with the pack as a whole.

Gabi joined the Dandy Dogwalker Team in 2017.

khamara | crown heights, brooklyn

dog walking + pet sittinG


KHAMARA has been dog walking all over lower Manhattan since 2011, and now they are happy to be bringing their talent to Brooklyn. Growing up in Colorado, Khamara had lots of opportunity working hands-on with all kinds of animals, big and small, and, sometimes, even getting to  work with wildlife. This background has made them especially confident with understanding body language, and Khamara is patient with our more temperamental and/or nervous companions. Khamara is protective and will take the time to get to know each pet’s quirks and personalities, to insure their pack always feels safe. At home Khamara enjoys fabrication and costuming, and they share a work space with their ex street cat. While Pangur isn't always the most helpful assistant, he makes up with handsome cat charm and moral support. 

Khamara joined the Dandy Dogwalker team in 2018.

LENA | crown heights, brooklyn

dog walking + pet sitting

Lena with their dog, Fabio

Lena with their dog, Fabio

LENA is in their fifth year of dog walking in NYC. They enjoy forming individual bonds with dogs of all ages, temperaments and sizes. In their off hours they do comedic performance and drag around NYC. Lena is the guardian of two hairless dogs, a youngster named Spider & a senior babe named Fabio; Fabio has loved meeting new dogs who come over for boarding and pet sitting!

Lena joined the Dandy Dogwalker team in 2018.

You can follow Lena’s dogbabe Spider on Instagram @fabio_and_spider

Liz | crown heights, brooklyn

dog walking + pet sitting


LIZ, born-and-raised in a small town in Indiana, can’t remember a time when they weren’t surrounded by animals. Working with creatures is a definite passion of theirs, and something Liz hopes to do for the rest of their life. Liz moved to New York City a little over a year ago, and they have loved every minute of it. When Liz is not walking dogs, they are drawing or writing a new comic idea they had, or you can find them curled up in bed reading a book. Liz has volunteered at shelters, worked at a dog daycare in Manhattan, worked at a pet store in Marion, Indiana, and they’ve spent a year with AKC Canine Retreat. Presently Liz is working on getting their furry best friend, Kodiak, moved up to Brooklyn from Indiana, so they can explore the city together!  

Liz joined the Dandy Dogwalker team in 2018.

mars | crown heights, brooklyn

dog walking + pet sitting


MARS has been walking dogs, caring for cats, tending to turtles and chickens in Park Slope and Bed-Stuy for seven years. He's very sentimental about the dogs in his life, but especially about his furry chihuahua companion at home, Broccolini. Mars was born-and-raised in Arkansas, but he has played shows and met a lot of dogs all over the country while on tour with different rock bands.

Mars officially joined The Dandy Dogwalker pack in the summer of 2017.

colin | crown heights, brooklyn

SUBSTITUTE :: dog walking + pet sittinG


COLIN began walking dogs on the Lower East Side in 2012 and spent two years as a volunteer trainer at a pitbull rescue in the Bay Area. Working at Dandy Dogwalker has given them the opportunity to incorporate their dual loves of animals and walking around into their work life. In addition to their previous work and volunteer experience, Colin has fostered many dogs and currently parents a beautiful rescued pitbull.

Colin joined the Dandy Dogwalker Team in September 2017.

zachary | downtown brooklyn

[ Cobble Hill + Boerum Hill + Carroll Gardens + Gowanus ]

dog walking + pet sitting

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ZACHARY is a writer, performer, and community organizer based in Brooklyn, NY. He is a member of the Man Meat Collective, Aftselokhes Spectacle Committee, The Rude Mechanical Orchestra, and Jews For Racial & Economic Justice. When not busy with a project or performing, Zachary enjoys hanging out with animals and hiking the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Zachary began subbing for Hadley around 2012, and took over Hadley's main dog walking route in Downtown Brooklyn in November 2015. Zachary is presently walking dogs in Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and Gowanus (Brooklyn) and is available for pet sits in various Brooklyn neighborhoods.

All Dandy Dogwalkers are insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates.

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