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THE DANDY DOGWALKER provides premier, personal and professional care for your creature's comfort, specifically working with nervous dogs in urban environments. The Dandy Dogwalker collaborates with an array of local trainers to offer integrative rehabilitation behavior consultations for dogs and simultaneous participatory learning opportunities for their people.

The Dandy Dogwalker was selected as the recipient of the Best Businesses of Brooklyn Award in the Dog Walkers category by the Best Businesses of Brooklyn Award Program in 2015, 2016 and 2017, for enhancing the positive image of small business through service to our customers and our community, and for helping make the Brooklyn area a great place to live, work and play.

HADLEY RAYSOR | alameda, ca

founder | business development, communications, marketing & photography

DOG WALKING + DOG SITTING/"working staycations" + DOG BEHAVIOR consultations 

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HADLEY was born-and-raised in New Hampshire, and holds a B.A. from Wellesley College with a major in History and a minor in Italian. In 2006, Hadley co-founded Translate Gender; from 2006-2010, Hadley worked with various single-sex college and university administrations to dismantle gender oppression, with a focus on admitting transwomen to women's colleges + creating access for trans and/or gender non-conforming students both currently on campus and alums. Hadley additionally facilitated various workshops, organized events, and sat on many panels speaking about gender justice. From 2008-2010, Hadley worked as a Travel Personal Care Attendant for various friends in the Disability Justice Movement, and helped create collective community access for sick and disabled people. Hadley has been working with and rehabilitating dogs since 2010, both in New York City and in the SF Bay Area. Hadley currently lives in The Mission District of San Francisco with their rescue tabby cat Franklin, and with their stepdog chihuahua Greta Tiny Dancer.

HADLEY began walking dogs professionally in Downtown Brooklyn, New York City in 2010. Since their first day walking dogs, Hadley has worked with anxious, fearful and sensitive creatures, initially through a positive reinforcement based dog walking and training company, then with the incredible Brooklyn Dog Walk. A calm, confident, gentle, and intuitive person with firm behavior boundaries, Hadley is able to connect with creatures and to form long-lasting deep bonds with the animal companions they walk and care for. In early 2014 Hadley began their own dog walking business in Brooklyn - The Dandy Dogwalker - and, in late 2015, Hadley relocated to the SF Bay Area. For a year and a half, Hadley worked for and mentored under balanced trainer Elijah Weiss of The Working Walk, during which time Hadley learned a different style of dog walking (structured pack walks), and seriously improved their dog behavior and training skills. Hadley currently offers structured pack walks in Alameda, CA as well as integrative behavior consultations both in-person (SF Bay Area) and over Skype. 

It is not an overstatement to say that Hadley and Dandy Dogwalker changed our life while we lived in Brooklyn. ...Enter Hadley, who lovingly, patiently brought [our dog] around to thriving in pack walks and overall becoming more trusting with new dogs and people. ...Hadley was always reliable and communicative, and... somehow makes you and your doggie feel like a celebrity every single day.
— Tosca F.

danielle | san francisco, ca

dog walking + dog sitting

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Born-and-raised in the SF Bay Area, Danielle is the proud primary human to a 4lb teacup chihuahua wonder named Greta Tiny Dancer (a/k/a "Tiny"), and the previous proud primary human to a 90lb rottie mix named Suki. Danielle has been working with dogs of all sizes since she was a teenager, most recently working with rescue Greta Tiny Dancer to help her integrate into a bustling city life, that previously made her reactive and sometimes aggressive toward other dogs and humans. Presently, Danielle is a worker-owner at The Rainbow Grocery Cooperative in San Francisco; in the past, Danielle was a community/party organizer and DJ in the SF Bay Area for over a decade, as well as a hair stylist and popular jewelry designer. 

Danielle currently offers pack walks for small dogs in San Francisco's Mission District.

All Dandy Dogwalkers are insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates.

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